Somnorama, Lahore Museum, Lahore Digital Arts Festival, Pakistan

4days festival is a curated space designed to spotlight exceptional digital artworks and foster collaborations that transcend geographical limits. Get ready for thought-provoking inquiries, stimulating dialogues, and a collective contemplation of the collaborative journey within this realm. This festival is organized by Lahore Digital Arts Festival and Implemented by The Little Art.

Somnorama I (night 6 – dreams from 19 to 23)
Duration: one night of sleep
3D installation (real time)

Somnorama I was created from a representation of a night of sleep recorded in space. The biosignals of an astronaut generate a real-time environment from the waking state to REM sleep where most of his dreams occur.
Created from encephalographic and accelerometric data, the environment is accessible to visitors via a joystick. The successive states of consciousness generate a mental landscape and sleep becomes a tangible environment where light, movement and vibrations are involved.

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