Screencatcher for ICONOfly at Gagosian NYC

Contribution in ICONOfly by Olivia Bransbourg

Magazine Launch Reception
Monday, September 21, from 6–8pm
Gagosian Shop, Madison Ave, NYC

French art director and curator Olivia Bransbourg turns the obsessive attention of her cult magazine—ICONOfly, diary of an accessory—to one of New York’s most recognizable fashion statements: sneakers. In this special edition of ICONOfly, artists, writers, historians, and designers will create original work considering how sneakers impact the journeys— physical, intellectual, emotional—we take through, in, and around New York City.

Featuring contributions from Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Laurent Derobert, Justine Emard, Edward Granger, Pierre Hardy, Emma Pratte, Tom Sachs, and Tatiana Trouvé, as well asCrossing the Line 2015 artists Gustavo Ciriaco, Andrea Sonnberger, Elana Langer, and Shezad Dawood. Designed by Atelier Baldinger • Vu-Huu in Paris.

Copies of ICONOfly magazine will be available at select Crossing the Line events.

Edition « Screencatcher » for ICONOfly @ Gagosian Shop

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