« Metamorphosis », Hyndai Studio, Seoul, South Korea

Group Show
Seoul, South Korea

From June 15th to September 20th, 2020


Soul Shift, Justine Emard

Befitting the theme METAMORPHOSIS, the exhibit is an inquiry into a world that could lay ahead of the COVID-19 global pandemic, with a philosophy rooted in the classic Book of Changes (I Ching). In line with the book’s teachings, METAMORPHOSIS proposes that the raison d’être of constant change in the world is to allow people to understand and appreciate the triangular relationship between humanity, nature and technology. While human affairs constantly evolve, there is an unchanging, constant core in human society, according to the book, with which humanity can chart its sustainable progress into the future.

METAMORPHOSIS materializes and magnifies meaningful patterns in the humanity-nature-technology relationship, and in the process attempts to enliven discussions about the meaning of human progress in an age of uncertainty – the fundamental vision of Hyundai Motor Company as it reaches out toward an ever-larger share of the global society through diverse realms including culture and the arts.

Artists: Matthew Biederman, Justine Emard, Choe U-Ram, Yunchul Kim, Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, teamVOID and Youngkak Cho

Curators: Doo Eun Choi & Alain Thibault

Elektra x Hyundai Art Lab
Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul
738 Eonju-ro, Nonhyeon-dong
Gangnam – Seoul, South Korea

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