INSIDE, solo show, Oklahoma University School of Visual Arts

Solo Show, Oklahoma University’s Lightwell Gallery, School of Visual Arts Norman, USA
From January 31st until March 8th, 2023


Since 2011, Justine Emard has been manipulating images and their modalities of appearance by intertwining different mediums and experiences.

The show starts with two pinholes (one of the oldest photographic processes) the artist created while she was a student at OU in 2008. This process opens the path of her experiments in new images involving computing, artificial life, automation, machine learning, and robotics. She creates forms shaped by her relation to the world at the intersection of several different disciplines and scientific fields, which she brings into play and stages.
The video Sleep Mode involves a robot trying to define a state between the imitation of human sleep while still maintaining vigilance. The diptych Apnea is part of her series «The Birth of the Robots,» where she investigates human-shaped machines. We see the air machine, which animates the motion of the machines; it seems to blow life in them. In front of those prints, a print with two robots in a vertical composition is extracted from the work Soul Shift. Exploring the myths of «mind uploading,» this work stages a broken robot and the new generation of itself, waking up with the experience of the first one.

The following works are extracted from her last piece Hyperphantasia, from the origin of images, from the depths of the cave to the depths of our brains. The video Hyperphantasia, a new prehistory creates a space where 36,000 years of image technology meet. Using a scientific database about the Chauvet Pont-d’Arc cave in France, an artificial neural network was trained to produce new images of prehistory. A video wall slowly comes to life, giving a glimpse of a «new» prehistory, of the parallel imaginations of our ancestors. The printed fresco inquires about how new AI technologies may present walls and new structures within our environments.
In 2021, Justine Emard was in residence at the Cnes (National Center for Space Studies) in France. During a mission with the European Space Agency, they began studying the evolution of sleep in space. Encephalographic data recorded over several nights enabled the artist to work with dream signals from space. These signals from the depths of our unconscious are embodied in 3D-printed dream architectures. The Dreams of the Space are 3D dream prints of the 23 dreams the artist conceived from dream data from astronauts while in space.

From pinholes to generating new images of prehistory using machine-learning models to the extrusion of dream sculptures from space, we follow the birth of new ideas from the depths of our imaginations.

List of the works:

Pinholes, 2008

Sleep mode

The Birth of the robots – Series

Photographic installation on fabric, 2018

Soul Shift
Photograph on fabric, 2018

Hyperphantasia, a new prehistory
Video installation, 2022

Hyperphantasia, a new prehistory
Fresco -Print on vinyle, 2022

The dreams of the space
On site printed version
3D dreamprints, 2022

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