Exhibition « Surreal Futures », Max Ernst Museum, Brühl, Germany

Surreal Futures
Max Ernst Museum, Brühl, Allemagne
→ jusqu’au 24 janvier 2024


Justine Emard
The First Dream / Hatsuyume
, 2022
Triptych, StareReap 2.5D print

Is it possible to transfer a dream from the human mind into physical reality? This question provided the impetus for Justine Emard’s work The First Dream – Hatsuyume. To this purpose, the artist had her brain activity recorded in a sleep lab while she slept. The electric signals of the brain were captured in a spectral image that represents the neurological data during the dream in yellow and purple. On this basis, Emard produced The First Dream – Hatsuyume, which is composed from many individual layers, with the help of a special technology.  The title of the work refers to a Japanese belief, according to which it brings luck to dream of Mount Fuji, a falcon and an eggplant at the New Year. It is left to the viewer to decide which motifs they recognise in Emard’s dream images.
Text: DV & IMT

Max Ernst Arizona, 1957 Oil on wood Max Ernst Museum Brühl of the LVR, Private collection

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