Exhibition « Now or Never Art Trail » Victoria Harbour Promenade Docklands, Melbourne, Australia


Curated by Experimenta

Soul Shift
Justine Emard

Thu 17 Aug – Sun 20 Aug | 5.30pm – 10.30pm

Victoria Harbour Promenade Docklands

Imagine meeting an earlier version of yourself. In Justine Emard’s Soul Shift we witness the meeting of two generations of the same ground-breaking robot called Alter. These robots have complex neural networks that allow for unique, invented gestures to be performed within the constraints of its limbs, responding to signals received through sensors.

Soul Shift ponders the implications of the transference of Alter’s data – developed from ‘learnt experiences’ and transferred onto the next generation, Alter 2. Is there a memory in its code, a spirit transferred to Alter 2? A form of reincarnation but without flesh? Encounter this mesmerising artwork at the Now or Never Art Trail .

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