« Cybernetic Consciousness », Itau Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil

Horizonte Quântico

Group Show
Itau Cultural
São Paulo – Brazil

Opening event: March 27th
Exhibition’s dates: March 28th  – May 19th 2019

Artists: Memo Akten, Cod.Act, Robin Baumgarten, David Bowen, Rejane Cantoni, Justine Emard, Thomas Feuerstein, Lynn Hershman

Curator: Marcos Cuzziol

The human brain is very different from a digital computer: signals are processed and stored in essentially diverse manners in these two pieces of “hardware”, to say the least. However, if on the one hand it is unfeasible for us to work as digital computers, on the other hand increasingly more complex and faster types of software are carrying out tasks that could only be performed by biological brains in the past. And this happens at an unbelievable pace. How far will the power of machines go?

Photos by Andre Seiti